UMich student programs support Afghan refugees in Ann Arbor

Two University of Michigan student organizations, End the Cycle and the Michigan Refugee Assistance Program (MRAP), are working together to create educational materials for Afghan refugees in Ann Arbor. The program combines the End the Cycle’s goals of improving educational equity and MRAP’s goal of supporting refugees by helping Afghan refugees adjust to living in Ann Arbor.

Volunteers from these organizations teach Afghan families English and American culture over WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging app used worldwide but with a more limited following domestically. Recently, Oakland Schools reached out to the program to ask for assistance with lessons for the district’s refugee students.

Junior LSA Rija Awan is the president of End the Cycle and volunteer coordinator for MRAP. As a member of both clubs, she combined their volunteer network to organize the program and help bridge the educational gap among school-aged refugees.

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