Turnover high among area high school basketball coaches

The turnover among the high school basketball coaches, especially among the boy coaches, has been remarkable.

So far, there will be nine new boys coaches and five new girls coaches.

In the Sarasota County public school system, all the coaches in 2022 will be new, except for Booker High’s Andre Johnson, who will begin his second season on the Tornadoes’ bench.

Sarasota High turned over both boys and girls coaching staffs.

A couple of coaches are shifting among area schools, while there are a number of newcomers, especially those from the AAU coaching ranks, who had worked their way to the high school level.

There have also been a number of out-of-state hires.

Still some spots are still vacant.

Here is a list of the new coaches, the former coaches and a brief summary of the moves.

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