TikTok quiz: What ‘human feeling’ am I?

A new quiz that claims to reveal what type of “human feeling” you are have taken over TikTok.

Millions of users on the social media platform who have taken the viral quiz and posted their results with the hashtag #humanfeelings, which has been viewed more than 4.5 million times at the time of writing.

The short format videos are usually accompanied by the same audio and a photograph of the user, and results range from emotions such as “sincere love” to “despondency” to “tired”.

It comes from a Russian website called Uquiz and requires players who do not read Russian to translate the page in order to answer the questions.

Here’s how you can take the “human feelings” quiz.

Where do I take the quiz?

Clicking on this link will take you to the Russian website Uquiz, where you can start the quiz.

How do I take the quiz?

If you are unable to read Russian, you can translate the page into English in order to take part.

The page will show the title “What kind of human feeling are you?”, followed by smaller text that reads: “Based on my personal opinion and site algorithms. I hope you will like it!”

It is unclear whose opinion or what algorithms are used to generate the results of the quiz.

After inputting your name, you can click on “Start Quiz” to begin.

Due to translation limitations, some of the questions and answers that follow are phrased strangely. For example, the second question reads: “Choose a random event from my life suitable for you.”

There are a total of 11 questions in the quiz. Question four requires you to choose a picture of a beverage, while question nine asks users: “What words do you want to say to the person/people but can’t?”

What are some of the examples of results from the quiz?

After answering all 11 questions, the quiz assigns you to a “human feeling”, which users have been posting on TikTok and Twitter.

One result, “true love”, states: “Definitely very strong and wonderful people. Your loved ones are very lucky to have you, and you, too, you know, are huge smarties [sic].

“Probably sometime in your life something terrible happened and you broke down, piece by piece picking yourself up. But I’m glad it’s okay now.”

Another result is “despondency” and the description reads: “Not far from humility but you still try to fight. And I’m proud of you. It hurts and very often you want to remove everything.

“You have lost interest in life, you don’t want it to end, but also to keep it going. I keep my fingers crossed for you! Everything will surely work out.”

Under the result “tired”, it says: “You are tired but not just the kind of tired that you need sleep, you are tired with others, yourself and the world in general and you just want a break but allow yourself some self care time and spend some time with those who make you happy, I promise it will be better and remember you are an amazing person – stop putting yourself down.”

Why is the quiz so popular?

While those who post their results do not usually disclose why they took the quiz, some people have indicated that they find the results relatable or reassuring.

One TikTok user who got the result “nostalgia” said it “hit home”, while another who got “true love” said her result made her “feel happy”.

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