Student Athlete of the Week – Adiana Lujan

“I have been playing softball since I was four years old,” said Shadow Hills senior Adiana Lujan. “Well my brother first started playing football in Coachella at the Coachella park and there was a t-ball league and once I saw it I got drawn to it. My parents let me do it and I was in cheer at the time.”

Adiana Lujan has been making plays her entire softball career. Doesn’t matter the position. She goes all out every game, something her coach admires.

“She is very athletic and a very smart player. That is probably her biggest asset,” said softball head coach JT Tiumalu. “Ella She knows what to do, when to do it. Ella She is a leader on the field. A very intuitive player and as a senior that is a big deal for this group we are very young.”

Adiana says she has worked harder than ever this season, and its paid off.

“She has hit almost .600 the whole year,” said Tiumalu. “So she has been consistent all the way through. She is our lead-off hitter and she is a big part in what we do.”

“Softball wise my goal is to make first-team this year, last year I made second team. So I am trying to keep my batting average up, keep my defensive mistakes to the minimum. For softball those are my goals,” said Lujan . “Academically I hope to continue to get a 4.0 like I have the last three semesters.”

Adiana’s hard work on and off the field has come into fruition as she committed to play softball at Bloomfield college in New Jersey.

“When she got the offer and called us we were beyond proud. Like, oh my god, everything you have worked for, all the coaches that have been backing you up. The whole village is going to get you to reach the goal that you have wanted,” said Adiana’s mother Jessica Lujan.

A standout softball player she is, but even a better person.

“She has volunteered at the Coachella valley rescue mission. She loves to help children and the homeless. Her big thing is the homeless community,” said Lujan. “We carry waters and snack-pack’s in our truck and car and if we see someone homeless she will give them the snack pack. And that comes out of her own pocket with the money that she raises.”

“She is an awesome kid and a hard worker. She is a leader and a team captain now,” said Tiumalu.

“She is going to grow up to be a very respectful, well educated phycologist. She wants to come back to the Coachella valley to work with the less fortunate like the homeless. She wants to come back and work for a school district. That is what I see her doing, representing the Coachella valley. Saying look I’m coming back to the community that gave so much to me,” said Lujan.


I thought I was coming to Shadow Hills high school just to talk softball. But that’s what makes these Student Athlete of the Week segments so special. We find great students, great athletes, but even better people.

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