Ram Charan Debunks The Reports Of Dominating Jr NTR In RRR; Does Not Let The Rumors Affect His Friendship



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earns Rs 1000 Crore globally, SS Rajamouli along with Ram Charan and Jr NTR met media and thanked everyone for the film’s grand success. During the event, when a reporter asked Charan about walking away with all the accolades and overshadowing NTR in the film, he said that he does not believe in such claims at all.

He said, “No ma’am, I don’t believe that at all. Not even for a second. We both have excelled beautifully and Tarak was fantastic. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed working in a film so much like RRR. What I take back from RRR is my journey with Bheem; my journey with Tarak. I shall never ever forget. Thank you Rajamouli for giving me that opportunity. I’ll love him (Tarak) to bits, and it’ll always remain the same.”


Well, we just loved how Charan didn’t let fabricated stories affect his friendship with Charan and at the same time, he also showed praise on his co-star.

Ram also shared his definition of stardom and said, “Stardom for me is waking up at 7 am, doing your routine, stepping out for work, come back to family and repeat. This discipline is what takes you to stardom.”

At the same press conference, while speaking about the success of

Rajamouli said that visual grandeur is what attracts the audience and catches their attention, because it engages their mind.


He further said that to keep audience’s hearts invested in the movie, one needs strong emotions to run underneath his/her visuals.

“It’s important for every larger than life entry sequence and action sequence. Your lead character has to experience humiliation and humbling to establish and flesh out his character, that’s the oldest trick in the book for screenwriters. The lead character needs to have a yearning to accomplish what he/she has set out to do. You have to stretch this plot point for one and half hour and then you show his/her ambition being achieved. That’s what occupies my mind when I design sequences for movies like RRR,” said Rajamouli.

Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2022, 15:30 [IST]

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