Metaverse Allowing Parents To Control What Kids Experience

In a move to help protect those who are more vulnerable, Metaverse is allowing parents to control what kids experience. This feature is going to be included on the Quest VR headsets as well as with Instagram, according to Insider Intelligence. All with the goal of providing younger users the ability to participate in Metaverse in as safe a way as possible, while eliminating many of the dangers of virtual reality.

According to the publication, in order to have parental controls on teens’ accounts, they first have to be accepted by the owners of the account. This means that teens have to give the okay to let their parents monitor them when in Metaverse.

Once this is done, according to Business Insider, teens will have to get permission to purchase apps for those who are 16+ or 18+. When this happens, parents are automatically notified that kids or younger teens want to make a purchase. Parents then have the option to accept or deny the request based on the description of the app in question.

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But kids and teens also have the option of turning off the parental controls at will. And while there is an alert that parents will receive when this happens, the choice is never theirs to keep parental controls on or not.

However, when the parental controls are on, parents are able to control who it is that their kids talk toaccording to The Sun.

This is something that is necessary, as even with these particular safeguards put into place, there is no way to control other users who are in the Metaverse.

according to Insider IntelligenceMeta is unable to control how other users speak, their language, or if they are harassing others within Metaverse, something that is not uncommon in virtual reality games or interactive places.

Per the publication, this is because what happens in virtual reality is not recorded. And that means that there is no record of offensive behavior occurring.

VR platforms across the board are working hard at developing to keep the space safe for all ages of participants.

While the parental controls that Meta has instituted are far from perfect, they are at least a step in the right direction. With the goal to be to protect those who cannot always protect themselves, Meta is ensuring that if parents are involved, any unsavory characters can be avoided and those who are the same age and like-minded can participate within Metaverse instead. It is only when the recording of events in virtual reality becomes a reality itself that participants can remain safe.

As for now, virtual reality is still a bit like the wild west.

Source: Insider Intelligence, Business Insider, The Sun

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