MetaSyndicate brings a new utility to Ethereum’s NFTs, Hold-to-Earn

MetaSyndicate’s advanced Hold-To-Earn (H2E) technology improves game development by expanding the rise of idle play.

“Our mission is to activate guilds of players, enable local communities, and reward users from anywhere. We’re proud to be in the business of improving people’s lives via philanthropy and financial opportunity.”

The first MetaSyndicate guild starts with 345ETH funding. There are over 2,000+ gamers, also known as scholars, through MetaSyndicate partners that developed a self-paced autonomous system for testing upcoming P2E assets and improving current ones.

“We aim to bring all active gamers — more than 1 billion people across the world — into the P2E economy and together help shape the future of Web3 for the benefit of our holders and the entire ecosystem.”

What is Meta Syndicate?

“We are committed to empowering our members to unleash their untapped potential. Fostering a safe and supportive online environment where they can practice and rehearse social interactions.”

MetaSyndicate missions make the metaverse a safe, inclusive, and equitable space by aiming to award its players constant rewards through P2E assets. Building a large community of gamers and token holders, MetaSyndicate enables holders to benefit from decentralized finance (De-Fi) opportunities.

About MetaSyndicate

MetaSyndicate is a web 3.0 concept deeply inspired by Isaac Asimov’s literary universe and The Foundation. It represents a collection of only 7777 NFTs meant to offer their holders a collective in-depth experience in the Hold-To-Earn metaverse.

IMPERIALS, SETTLERS, and SPACERS (The Syndicators) are randomly AI bred and brought to life through our minting phases.

Syndicate Treasury is an ever-growing community network of Syndicated projects pushing constant rewards back to the Syndicators.

MetaSyndicate NFTs holders can stake their NFTs in exchange for a native token $SYND unique to the project and used for many future utilities.

Join the MetaSyndicate Discord Community and the weekly Ask-Me-Anything live sessions to meet the team and become a Syndicator!

7777 limited supply at:




Contact: Bogdan Illie+40 737 108 506, [email protected]

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