Learn AWS, cloud and virtualization skills that can boost your career for just $25


There’s no reason for your budding tech career to follow the same old, slow, traditional one. Instead, learn specialized cloud and virtualization skills that will set you apart from all the other job-seekers at your level. Now you can learn these skills at your own pace with The Complete AWS VPC & Virtualization Bundle for just $25.

Start with student favorite “IP Addresses & Subnetting,” which has earned an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. While all manner of IT professionals could use subnetting skills, you only need a basic knowledge of computers to take this course, where you’ll learn how to subdivide large networks into smaller, more efficient ones. Similarly, IT pros should know at least the fundamentals of encryption. “Encryption for Beginners with OpenSSL” takes a step-by-step approach that will make it easier for you to learn them.

You’ll be setting up virtual lab environments at work and home by the time you finish the “Mastering VirtualBox & Network Virtualization” course. Programmers, system admins, and QA analysts can benefit from learning how to create virtual networks and machines. To take this course, you only need the most basic understanding of networking concepts and IP addresses.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in cloud engineering, you should know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular public cloud on the market, so learning its ins and outs can increase your chances while job seeking. “Amazon VPC Mastery for AWS Certifications” makes a great stepping stone; here’s you’ll learn how to create Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) with the “VPC Wizard” and develop a deep understanding of the technology, which can help you earn AWS certifications.

Lastly, PuTTY is well-known among network and system administrators, but this lightweight standalone app can be helpful for programmers, QA testers and more. Learn Amazon AWS Linux virtual machine setup and how to launch SSH sessions to Linux/Unix servers quickly in “Mastering Putty for Beginners.”

These courses are presented by Coding Gears, an IT training company that has extensive experience delivering online and onsite instruction. Its instructors have mentored thousands of students over the past ten years.

Don’t pass up this chance to kick your cloud skills up to the next level. Get the Complete AWS VPC & Virtualization Bundle for only $25 or just $5 per course.

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