Latest APR Scores Show Seton Hall Student-Athletes Continue to Thrive

INDIANAPOLIS – Seton Hall University student-athletes compete hard in the classroom and continue to excel above their national peers when it comes to progress toward graduation. In the latest NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR) report, which includes data from the 2017-18 academic year through the 2020-21 academic year, 11 of Seton Hall’s 14 varsity programs achieved a four-year APR score at or higher than the national Div. I average of 984 and eight of the 14 teams scored higher than national average of their respective sports. Three teams scored perfect multi-year APRs of 1000.

The public announcement of APRs returned after a one-year hiatus. This spring, the Division I Board of Directors approved the continual suspension of APR penalties for an additional year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it supported the public release of the APR data.

“Our student-athletes continue to thrive in the classroom, and the latest APR report shows that they are well-positioned to graduate on time,” Seton Hall Director of Athletics & Recreation Bryan Felt said. “We are thankful that we continue to recruit the best and brightest student-athletes to Seton Hall, where they can get a great education while playing the sport they love and then go on to do great things after graduation.”

Three programs – women’s cross country, women’s golf and women’s swimming & diving – all produced perfect 1000 multi-year APR scores:

  • Women’s Cross Country achieved its seventh straight perfect score of 1000 and was 10 points above the national average of 990. The team is one of six BIG EAST schools to achieve the perfect 1000.
  • Women’s Golf now has 10 consecutive perfect 1000 scores in 10 years of existence as a Div. I program, finishing seven points above the national average of 993. Five of the six BIG EAST women’s golf programs finished with a 1000.
  • Women’s Swimming & Diving earned its fourth straight perfect score of 1000 and posted a 990 or higher for the 11th consecutive report. The team is seven points above the national average of 993. Five of the seven BIG EAST women’s swimming & diving teams finished with a 1000.

While the three teams above achieved the highest possible score, five other varsity programs also delivered outstanding APR scores that were above the national average:

  • Softball scored a 996 and has now been at 996 or higher nine consecutive reports. The program’s score is nine points above the national average of 987.
  • Baseball produced a score of 995, the eighth straight time that it has scored 995 or above. The program is 18 points higher than the national average of 977 and has the second-highest score among the eight BIG EAST baseball schools.
  • Tennis produced a 992 for the fifth straight report, and it’s the ninth consecutive report that the program has recorded a 990 or higher. The score is one point above the national average of 991.
  • Men’s Basketball achieved a 990, the seventh consecutive report that the program has posted a 985 or higher, and its score is 22 points above the national average of 968. The 990 is tied for second highest among the 11 BIG EAST men’s basketball schools.

In addition, as a good indicator of more recent academic success, eight of Seton Hall’s 14 programs had a 2020-21 single-year APR score of a perfect 1000. This includes baseball, women’s basketball, women’s cross country, women’s golf, women’s soccer , women’s swimming & diving, volleyball and tennis.

Each academic year, every Division I sports team across the country calculates its APR using a simple and consistent formula. Each term, scholarship student-athletes can earn one point for remaining eligible and one point for staying in school or graduating. For schools that do not offer scholarships, recruited student-athletes are tracked.

The Academic Performance Program has established an essential framework for academic excellence. The program provides measurable goals to ensure schools are fulfilling their commitment of equipping student-athletes with the tools and resources necessary to achieve academic success.

A leader among its peers in academic success, Seton Hall’s excellence in the classroom is evidenced by the department’s commitment to resources and the student-athletes’ commitment to placing a high value on their education. Seton Hall supports its student-athletes with outstanding mentoring and tutoring, led by the Academic Support Services staff, and offers its student-athletes a state-of-the-art learning environment in the Charles W. Doehler Academic Center for Excellence, which consists of a main study area, group meeting spaces and private tutoring rooms.

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