EXCLUSIVE! ‘#MaAnKiShaadi is a great message to the society’ Gaurav Khanna on the current track of Anupamaa, love received for Anuj Kapadia and more

MUMBAI: Anupamaa is the most loved show on television right now, with TRPs of nothing less than 3.5 on a weekly basis. Its gripping storyline and mind-blasting twists keep the audience glued to their screens. Fans and viewers have connected to Anupamaa so deeply that they do not miss even a single episode of the show.

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Fans have been loving the onscreen chemistry of Anuj and Anupamaa and now that their wedding is around the corner we can’t wait to see what shall unfold, we got in touch with the dapper Gaurav Khanna to know his reaction, he had some intriguing answers to our questions check it out:

Anuj Kapadia has been a game-changer in Anupamaa, the character has garnered immense love, how has your journey been playing Anuj?

God has been kind, this is something that nobody has expected. Not even the producer, channel or the actors. I had given my 100%, went with the same amount of focus, but I feel the stars were aligned and I believe that the character was the need of the hour, the journey of the protagonist in the show so many people connected with her and when the character was suffering to bring a prince charming in Anupamaa’s life was need of the hour, which the producer had hit the hammer in the head of the nail. We see the love all over, I am really humbled and happy to see that a fictional character has been received in this manner which is in Indian Television unheard of, I am very lucky to play the character.

Anuj Kapadia has become the ideal man, do you have any similarities?

I took up this character because there are these nuances that are very similar to my own personality. Anuj is on a different level, he is a dream man, a dream character which I feel is very tough for genuine people to be like that because it is a prince charming character and our situations are different. If you pull out a character from the fairytale and put him in a real-life scenario then life would be different. It is an aspirational character and he is here to give hope. So reality vs hope has been the backdrop. Anuj has been an amazing character to learn from, I really don’t understand how a four-year-old would like Anuj and an 85-year-old also likes Anuj, that has been really heartwarming and a blessing from above. I have done characters that target a particular audience and with Anuj, I feel it has been a blessing to be loved all-around.

#MaAnKiShaadi is around the corner, and as we know Anupamaa as a show has always highlighted social issues, how interesting is it for you to portray that track?

I am actually with the viewers, I am also watching the episodes as a viewer when I am home. My character Anuj Kapadia has a very subtle way of conveying the message. I personally feel as an actor, that the lines and the dialogues that they give me hit you for a couple of hours or days. The character stays with you and that’s how the charm of Anuj Kapadia works and everyone loves the character irrespective of age and relates to him. A lot of people ask me how can somebody love someone for 26 years, I always say hope has no end, it is supposed to be the best, whenever hope is involved it has to be the best and with Anupamaa, yes social messages have always been addressed with a realistic entertaining manner. Maan ki Shaadi is a fantastic underlying message that you can be happy in your life. I don’t know what next will happen, as much as I am sure, It is a very good message to go out, we see people with varied reactions and all the questions are being addressed by the role of Anupamaa.

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