Exclusive! As an actor, you shouldn’t be pressurised based on your father or relative’s work: Krish Lahri

MUMBAI: Krish Lahiri, son of actor Sunil Lahri, who is better known for his character portrayal as Lakshman in Sagar Arts, Ramayan, is making his TV debut with Star Plus’ new show Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar, produced by Ranjita Sharma.

TellyChakkar got in touch with Krish and asked about his fond memories of watching Ramayan, if he feels pressurized, and more.

Your father is a very popular person in the industry for his role in Ramayan. Do you love television? “Earlier, I wasn’t much into television, because Nikhil Advani is from the film fraternity. But when I got this script, I felt connected to it as if it’s written for me.”

Your played father the character of Laxman. Have there been any instances where your father was considered godly due to his role? “Yes, that has been the case. Moreover, recently, when people come to know that my father played that role, they start expecting from me to match his level and aura. I don’t feel any pressure due to it and I’m very confident about myself.”

What are your memories attached to your father’s show Ramayan? “It was the first TV show that I had watched. I even re-watched it when it was aired on TV during the pandemic, and it gave me a different perspective altogether. I relate to the acting and the sets now.”

What are your views on being an actor and a part of this show? “As an actor, you shouldn’t be pressurized based on your father or relative’s work. Being limitless is the key to it. And I feel this show would be a game changer for me and my career. This story has been written so well, and the makers are also very natural and different.”

The commitment in television is much longer, so how do you feel about it? “As long as it’s a good character, the platform doesn’t matter to me. I’m open to all characters and platforms. The making and direction is very different and natural compared to other shows.”

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