Dr. Peter McCullough to Newsmax: FDA Erred in Approving COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

Dr. Peter McCullough doesn’t see the necessity in a COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 and under.

He also doesn’t understand the government supposed haste in touting such an “experimental” vaccine, given how the vast majority of children have proven to be resilient against the coronavirus.

“I think it was a mistake for the FDA to approve it,” McCullough told Newsmax host Amanda Brilhante Sunday morning, while serving a guest on the “Wake Up America” program. “And clearly the CDC recommendation probably won’t be followed by a lot of the parents.”

McCullough, the chief medical adviser to the Truth For Health Foundation, has devoted much of the last two-plus years studying the coronavirus, and its effect on small children and infants.

“Children have a very mild syndrome [relative to COVID]. It’s not like our senior citizens, who are at risk, “says McCullough, while adding the coronavirus is” easily managed “by children, especially those who get” an early start on treatment. “

That last McCullough statement led to an easy conversation transition: Will schools soon require children at kindergarten or first-grade level to get the vaccine?

“I certainly hope not. It’s still experimental. It’s still under the [FDA] Emergency Use Authorization, and the parents should know we have no assurances that this is going to be safe, long term, ”says McCullough, while noting how the Centers for Disease and Prevention [CDC] said in February that roughly 75% of young children in America have had the coronavirus in their system at some point.

“Parents should be wise” about companies or government agencies that over-promise on the vaccine’s efficacy, McCullough said. “I think many parents will conclude, ‘it’s experimental, it’s genetic code for the spiked protein that was devised in a lab in Wuhan, China.’ This is just going too far. “

McCullough might not be a vaccine advocate for children, but he fully supports the reported speculation of the World Health Organization conducting a deeper probe into the COVID-19 virus origin – in terms of establishing who might have been responsible for unleashing it into the public.

“We know that the spike protein looks like it was genetically modified to make the virus more infectious and more lethal,” says McCullough. “Clearly, these investigations need to go on.”

McCullough has two basic questions that need to be answered in the probe:

** Who was behind the creation of the virus?
** And who masterminded the release of the virus?

“It’s been such a calamity for the world,” laments McCullough. “If there was a human intent behind it, we need to know.”


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