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WATERTOWN – Voters in all school districts across the tri-county area approved 2022-23 spending plans for their districts during voting Tuesday.

This year, absentee ballots were available to those who wanted them, but voters were also allowed to vote in person. Voting began Tuesday morning, with some polls closing at 7 or 8 pm and the rest at 9 pm Districts are generally given up to 24 hours to complete the counts once polls close.

Alexandria: Budget $ 15,030,670: yes 273, no 53

Proposition for bonding student transportation vehicles as part of the district’s routine fleet replacement: 285-34

Incumbent Suzanne Hunter was reelected to the board with 265 votes and Eric Heath was elected with 222 votes.

Belleville Henderson: Budget $ 11,668,784: yes 100, no 51

Proposition for library increase: 111 yes, 38 no

John “JW” Allen was elected to the BOE with 132 votes. Write-ins received 7 votes and 13 votes were void.

Carthage: Budget $ 67,082,204: yes 186, no 43

Library proposition: 184 yes, 45 no

Incumbent Sean McHale was reelected to the BOE with 205 votes and newcomer Robert Sligar was elected with 191 votes.

General Brown: Budget $ 25,994,591: yes 363, no 126

Purchasing four new school buses at a total cost not to exceed $ 375,000: 386 yes, 98 no

Consideration of a capital reserve fund that would allow the district to set aside up to $ 5 million from existing appropriated funds on hand for future construction projects and major purchases: 397 yes, 85 no

Incumbent Tiffany Orcesi was reelected to the BOE with 366 votes, and Kimberly Shuler and Jason Reynolds were elected to the remaining two seats with 261 and 243 votes, respectively.

Two of the terms are three years, beginning July 1. Tiffany Orcesi and Kimberly Shuler will fill these seats. The third seat, filled by Jason Reynolds, is one year beginning immediately.

Indian River: Budget $ 92,039,519: yes 96, no 21

Creation of another capital reserve

Proposition 2 – Capital Reserve Fund: 96 yes, 21 no

Proposition 3 – Establishment of a Capital Repair Reserve: 94 yes, 22 no and 1 blank

Incumbent Bridget Carpenter was reelected to the BOE with 99 votes and April Frans received 92 votes.

LaFargeville: Budget $ 12,038,948: yes 47, no 7

Incumbent Mary Ford-Waterman received 51 votes and retains her BOE seat.

Lyme: Budget $ 8,972,391: yes 153, no 22

$ 86,141 for the Lyme Free Library: 151 yes, 23 no

Shauna Dupee was elected to the BOE for a 5-year term with 153 votes.

Sackets Harbor: Budget $ 9,674,424: yes 151, no 19

Proposal to purchase one 66-passenger school bus not to cost more than $ 130,886: 158 yes, 13 no

Challenger Brian Robbins was elected to the BOE with 89 votes.

South Jefferson: Budget $ 39,083,979: yes 332, no 82

Authorization to purchase six replacement student transportation vehicles: 335 yes, 79 no

Establishment of a $ 5 million Capital Reserve Fund: 302 yes, 111 no

Incumbent Justin VanCoughnett was reelected to the BOE with 314 votes and write-in candidate Joseph Eberle Jr. was elected with 196 votes.

Thousand Islands: Budget $ 22,922,490: yes 316, no 46

Library proposition: 286 yes, 77 no

Write-in Dan Ward won the first BOE seat with 187 votes, Bruce Mason won the second with 257 votes, and Jennifer Bach won the third with 335 votes.

Watertown: Budget $ 82,983,069: yes 504, no 116

Incumbent Culley T. Gosier was reelected to the BOE with 361 votes and Fredric J. Sovie was elected to the remaining BOE seat with 471 votes.

Beaver River: Budget $ 19,135,155: yes 378, no 137

Tax levy for Croghan Library: 354 yes, 166 no

Jamie Zehr was elected to the BOE with 206 votes.

Copenhagen: Budget $ 12 million: yes 71, no 6

Proposition No. 2: Transportation to Headstart: Yes: 75, No: 3

Alfred Tomaselli was reelected to the BOE with 73 votes. There were no write-ins.

Harrisville: Budget $ 11,321,461: yes 79, no 9

Proposition 2 – School Busses: 79 yes, 8 no

Proposition 3 – Library Support: 54 yes, 33 no

Incumbent Parish Atkinson received 81 votes. There were no write-in candidates.

Lowville: Budget $ 28.8 million: yes 393, no 95

Proposition 2 – Purchase of three school buses up to $ 370,000: 391 yes, 95 no

Proposition 3 – Transportation of Head Start Pupils: 431 yes, 55 no

Proposition 4 – Levy increase of $ 25,000 for Lowville Free Library and $ 5,000 for the William Bush Library: 387 yes, 99 no

BOE Seat 1 went to James Farquhar with 269 votes, seat 2 went to Jonathan Gillette with 290 votes, and seat 3 went to Amy Marti with 292 votes.

South Lewis: Budget $ 28.5 million: yes 179, no 71

Proposition to purchase three school buses: 187 yes, 63 no

Proposition to establish a Capital Reserve Fund: 164 yes, 86 no

Incumbents Andrew Liendecker and Dawn Ludovici were reelected to the BOE with 172 and 166 votes, respectively.

Canton: The budget passed 356-75. The bus proposition passed 366-61. The Canton Free Library resolution passed 354-76. Robert Larabee received 348 votes, Jessica Sierk received 274 votes and Denise Sero received 299 votes to claim three-year terms on the board of education. Arthur Quackenbush received 197 votes to claim a one-year term.

Clifton-Fine: The budget passed 102-15. A proposition to establish a capital reserve fund received 100 yes votes and 14 no votes. Judy Benzel received 105 votes, Nicole Curry received 97 votes, Emerson Northrop received 93 votes and Roger Benjamin received 90 votes to claim four seats on the education board.

Colton-Pierrepont: The budget passed 122-35. A bus purchase proposition from the capital reserve passed 146-13. Alex Bonno received 147 votes and Cindy McLean received 135 votes to claim two seats on the board of education.

Edwards-Knox: The budget passed 122-17. A bus purchase proposition passed 131-9. A capital reserve proposition passed 124-14. Write-in Melissa Hale received 56 votes and write-in Roger Tressider received 46 votes to claim five-year terms on the board of education. Krista Krull-Gods received 35 votes to claim a one-year term effective Wednesday.

Gouverneur: The budget passed 175-75. A library proposition passed 193-57. A proposition to seat a student representative on the board of education passed 221-31. William Cartwright received 212 votes, Naaman Lowry received 189 votes and Mark Hendrick received 41 write-in votes to capture three seats with three-year terms on the education board.

Hammond: The budget passed 87-14. A proposition to establish a capital reserve fund passed 81-18. Katie Rogers and Viviana Wilmot were elected for two at-large board of education seats.

Hermon-DeKalb: The budget passed 181-20. A bus proposition passed 180-20. A proposition to establish a capital reserve fund passed 180-20. Jordan Deleel and Marty Amo captured five-year terms on the board of education. Michael Mac Cue captured a two-year term on the board.

Heuvelton: The budget passed 69-19. Andrew Martin received 78 votes to claim a five-year term on the board of education. Jacqueline Bill received 77 votes to claim a five-year term. Christopher Riordan received 75 votes to claim a two-year term.

Lisbon: The budget passed 128-28. Christiana Navan was elected to a five-year term on the school board.

Madrid-Waddington: The budget passed 144-23. A proposition to purchase two 72-passenger buses passed 147-20. A proposition to establish a $ 100,000 capital outlay fund passed 154-12. Amber Sullivan received 140 votes to capture a five-year term on the board of education. Robert Smith received 132 votes to capture a two-year term.

Massena: The budget passed 396-97. Susan Lambert received 192 votes and Daniel Tusa received 178 votes to capture two five-year seats on the education board. Candidates Zachary Monroe received 177 votes, Christopher Castell received 136 votes, Kristy Baker received 119 votes and Sarah Boyce received 103 votes. Steven Whelan and Dennis Kemison received one write-in vote each. A proposition to seat a student ex-officio on the education board passed with 410 yes votes and 86 no votes.

Morristown: The budget passed 109-33. A library proposition passed 98-45. In the board of education race, Dr. Lawrence Kring III received 109 votes, Ruth Anne Barkley received 97 votes and Kristy Simmons received 35 write-in votes.

Norwood-Norfolk: The budget passed 166-13. A transportation proposition passed 163-19. A vehicle reserve proposition passed 168-14. An equipment reserve proposition passed 169-12. Suzanne Fiacco received 163 votes, Mary Ellen Todd received 161 votes and Arlis “Artie” Frego received 154 votes to claim three-year terms on the board of education. Kurt Fetter and Cory Shutts received one write-in vote each.

Ogdensburg: The budget passed 198-30. A proposition to create a capital reserve fund passed 199-27. A proposition for capital reserve spending passed 193-35.

Parishville-Hopkinton: The budget passed 142-56. Timothy Zellweger received 170 votes to capture a five-year term on the board of education. Jeffrey Yette received 158 votes to capture a five-year term. Cassie Hayes received 113 votes to capture a term of two years and two months, effective following the vote.

Potsdam: The budget passed 285-66. A bus purchase proposition passed 301-48. Rachel HM Wallace received 289 votes, Ralph Fuller received 285 votes and J. Patrick Turbett received 259 votes to claim board of education seats.

St. Lawrence: The budget passed 156-21. A school bus proposition passed 157-20. Abdo Bejjani received 148 votes to capture a five-year term on the board of education. Teresa (Terri) Rios-Passon received 152 votes to capture a five-year term.

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