7L International Inc, Introduces E-Store Friendly and Cutting-Edge AR Shopper for Real Estate, Retailers and Interior Designers

New York – June 23, 2022 – 7L International Inc., New York’s leading digital transformation enabler and custom software development firm, introduces the Augmented Reality (AR) Shopper Platform – a disruptive experience, compatible with Apple’s Roomplan, bringing the global shopping community under one roof. AR Shopper Platform connects retailers, Interior Designers, and Real Estate Professionals with customers, while redefining the shopping experience.

7L International has built the AR Shopper to enhance the entire e-shopping experience for customers. The company uses Augmented Reality to allow retailers to showcase their products and interior designers to work remotely on projects with customers, in real-time. Anyone can use their smartphones or tablets to see how a product or an interior design project will look and fit in their space prior to placing an order. This is the first AR platform to link retail, interior design, and real estate, streamlining the process, increasing efficiency, and removing completely any physical barriers.

7L International has equipped the AR Shopper Platform to support and combine visualization of a variety of products like furniture, floorings, homeware, wall panels, art, etc. The AR Shopper Platform redefines the shopping journey into a delightful experience for the customers by reducing the time to make the purchasing decision.

7L International’s AR Shopper comes loaded with many benefits. The greatest advantage is that it saves costs, time, and energy by minimizing product returns. AR Shopper allows shoppers to view multiple products at the same time. AR Shopper can increase sales up to 100% and comes with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. With the AR Shopper, any retailer or a brand can easily offer their valued customers a 100% Realistic AR Shopping Experience.

When asked about the AR Shopper, Vasileios M. Stoidis, President and CEO of 7L International said, “It’s one of these rare occasions where the digital way has zero compromises in comparison to the physical one and offers only advantages”.

7L International has created the AR Shopper to empower businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones to continue running their business smoothly without worrying about global events that would limit and affect shopping in person.

7L International’s AR Shopper is a disruptive platform that’s built to increase conversion and enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Today, over 100 million people use smartphones and tablets, making AR Shopper a great hub to strengthen the customer-retailer bond.


Any E-Commerce PlatformAny AR-ready Android and iOS device

About 7L International

7L International is New York’s leading digital transformation enabler and custom software development firm that has been empowering more than 100 organizations around the world to evolve and thrive in the constantly shifting market reality. Our vision is to enable all organizations to achieve their digital sovereignty with the power of cutting-edge technology and our experts’ proven methodology.

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